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Shropshire NUT

Welcome to the 

Shropshire Teachers' Association


Providing local information for NUT members

Welcome to the website of the Shropshire Teachers Association branch of the NUT. The association was founded in 1870, in fact we are among the oldest associations of the NUT, having been formed originally in the fight against performance related pay in the late 1800s.They say that history repeats itself, or is that education goes round in circles, trying to reinvent the wheel! Now we have performance management.


Shropshire Association is really the collective formed by mergers of associations such as Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Whitchurch, Ludlow, and Wem, all formed in the late 1800s before the motor car could alleviate the need for localised meetings and committees.  Meetings for members are held from time to time, details can be found on the meetings page.  If you would like a meeting in your school on a specific issue or information please  contact us.


National Agreements and guidance is available on the National NUT site which has been recently updated and is so much easier to navigate. Please look for advice and guidance for your individual queries on this site.  ( see  useful links).

If you are in need of more personal advice then use your membership number and please contact :

  • your school NUT representative ( where you have one)
  • Advice line 0203 0066 266 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday


The National issue of school funding impacts on Shropshire children , join the March on Saturday 11th March 2017 , the details are on the meetings pages.The has also been much news coverage of this really imporatnt issue.

Information about local activities can be seen on local journal page.

 Please view our recent newsletter which provides an update of local and National changes, and we are moving to circulate any newsletters by email.

Currently we are seeking to ensure all members have recorded their personal email address in the union membership database. You will have received your membership details for 2017 this January which will confirm the email on the records. Having an email enables the local association to let you know what is happening locally, inparticular meeting dates and agendas.


Shropshire Teachers' Association negotiates for members on local agreements and issues. Where schools use Shropshire Human Resources other wise your school should have in place policies regarding your employment available to you that have been negotiated with unions.

Shropshire policies can be found on the Shropshire Learning Gateway


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