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Journal 2017 for the Spring term.

So much has been happening this term , much of the campaign about the funding of schools in Shropshire being inadequate dispite the new National Funding Formual that is meant to be fair. Much will have been seen in the local press and many marched on this issue on the 11th of March.

Changes have also happened in post 16 , the Sixth Form College and the Technical College are now working together.

The vote to amalgamate with the ATL union was successful and a new union the NEU ( National Education Union) will be a larger union working for the members interests.

More information can be found on the National NUT website.


Journal 2016 for the Summer term.

The General meeting in May consdiered the nominations for National General Secretary as Christine Blower steps down. The meeting considered Kevin Courtney and Beth Davies, and choose to nominate Kevin who is currently the Deputy General secretary. Voting papers will be sent out shortly.

The issue of the White paper was also considered and support for the National action this term was promoted. Voting papers will be sent out to members.

Other issues from Conference were also considered......further information can be found on the National website.



Journal 2016 for the Spring Term



15th March Rally regarding 16+ funding  in London was attended by

Shropshire Divisional secretary and members.. see main website for more details 




http://www.shropshire-nut.org.uk/images/clip_image005.png Endorsed by the NUT



A well attending meeting regarding Teachers pensions took place Monday 7th March 2016

  led by Heather Jenkins of Teachers Assurance explaining much of the important information for the over 50's about Pension including:

  • How much you are likely to get in retirement, including any lump-sum payment
  • The impact of going part-time or retiring early
  • How your household budget might be impacted in retirement
  • What steps you can make to fill any gaps you might have


 email to hjenkins@teachersassurance.co.uk  if you need further information



( Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, Shrewsbury Technical College and New College Telford)

Overwhelmingly well supported meeting with our own

 Kevin Courtney - Deputy General Secretary NUT

giving great support to both the local issue of the merger and the National issue of post 16  funding.

You can follow the development of this issue on:

Facebook: Shadow Merger Group

Twitter: @MergerChatter


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  February 10th 2016

We are pleased to share the news that we have received nominations from younger NUT members

that have been successfully elected to officer positions represent Shropshire NUT members .

                                         Jean Evanson,-- Division secretary

                                         Christine Hargest,--Health & Safety Adviser and Treasurer

                                         Ebe Rudd, --President

                                         Lynn Bartley, --Equal opportunities officer

                                         Karen Appleby, --Equal opportunities officer

                                         Terry Morton, --Membership secretary

                                         Hayley Norman, -- Vice President , LGBT officer

                                                       Joshua Harry--- Young Teachers  officer and Assistant Treasurer


Change celebration  held 22/01/2016

It was great to hold this long awaited get together to celebrate change. The Shropshire Teachers’ Association founded in 1870 over performance pay will continue to be active supporting NUT members locally and taking an active part in National Campaigns. The strength of the NUT is in the input from those who are actively teaching at the grass roots of the profession. The lay officers and committee are at the heart of the NUT organisation, they are teachers and activists locally. The NUT provides paid officers both Regionally and Nationally to be able to work full time. The lay officers

and committee are at the heart of the NUT organisation, they are teachers and activists.

In Shropshire many committee members continued to serve long after they retired from their teaching to keep the association “alive” until others could contribute. It was a wonderful evening to recognise the contributions that these teachers have made. We had a lunch to celebrate last term, but in picking a date it’s difficult to be 100% inclusive. The evening gave us the opportunity to catch up with Beryl and Pauline (expert envelope packers) and express our appreciation for their long contributions.

For Christine involvement started college as a member in 1970, by 1976 a young president in Shrewsbury NUT with a speech that was vetted by HQ! By 1981 becoming the Treasurer collecting all the subs and issuing membership certificates. Release time was granted by the LA for unions, which helped with this huge task. In 1987 or maybe 1988,  HQ realized that it would be better if they had the money and handled the collecting. This moved an administrative task away from the local lay officers (teachers) giving time to other issues for their NUT members.

Health and Safety became another role for Christine, but in 1994 our then Division Secretary Pauline Kahney decided to move to her sons in the USA. At this point Christine was elected as Divisional Secretary and has continued to be nominated and elected for many years.Christine having declined nomination for Divisional Secretary for the coming year after all those years with three roles is delighted to power down to two roles.

It is really pleasing to see the nomination of Jean Evanson currently serving as Joint Divisional Secretary to the role of Divisional Secretary and the nominations of younger teachers to the Shropshire committee. Jean has already achieved the attention of Kevin Courtney to speak at Shrewsbury  6.30pm February 8th at The Lord Hill Hotel regarding the position for Sixth forms and FE , and had the National President Phillipa Harvey in the County on January 20th, visiting her “old” school and the Shrewsbury Sixth Form .

It was a great evening that celebrated change which was attended many past “activists” and those younger members now taking up roles in Shropshire Teachers’ Association. Heather Stretton Shropshire Regional Officer from NUT Regional Office in Birmingham supported the evening.

 Linda Goodwin who teaches in Staffordshire and is the Executive NUT Member for this region brought greetings to Christine from Christine Blower National General Secretary and the National President Phillipa Harvey for 45 years of service to the union.



The General meeting on the 13th of January prioritised the following motions for

National Annual Conference to held in Brighton at Easter

1-  Supply Teachers

6 - Workload, teacher Shortage , Funding

8-  Bullying

17- Trade Union Rights

18- Education Funding

33- Teaching by Numbers

Thank you to those who took an active part in reading and selectiong these motionsat the meeting and to those who sent in their preferences as they were unable to join the meeting.

 The detailed wording of the motions can be found in the booklet posted into schools and on the National Union website.


 visited Shropshire 20th January 2016.

Phillipa was educated the William Brookes School in Much Wenlock

and was keen to visit and see the new building, that was quite different from when she was a pupil there. Our thanks to the Head Geoff Renwick , the staff and members for their hospitality.

She then went on to the meeting at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College to hear about the proposed merger of Shrewsbury Sixth Form College , Shrewsbury Technical college and New College in Telford.

It is essential when any changes are proposed that the pros and cons be fully investigated.

A joint union group led by Jean Evanson Shropshire NUT Joint Divisional Secretary is looking into all the implications of this merger in great detail.

A public meeting with Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary NUT is to be held at the Lord Hill Hotel on Monday 8th February at 6.30pm.



Journal 2015 Autumn Term


Division Officers and committee

We have said goodbye to some of the committee who have retired after many years of commitment to members of the NUT in Shropshire. Many of those stayed on after they retired from their teaching posts to support those still teaching.

We welcome to the Committee 3 members from the north of Shropshire and Jean Evanson who was nominated and elected as Joint Divisional Secretary from September 1st  2015. This has made a huge difference to what we can be involved in as a union. Jean has been heavily involved in supporting members in the Sixth form changes and possible further changes.


Funding is being threatened yet again, we already have the crumbs in Shropshire compared to some other authorities. Our Local MPs have worked hard to get extra funding into Shropshire, but just keep on telling them how important funding is to all of us. Go to the National NUT website and send them your email. A template is available there,  you give your name and address and the clever computer can sort out which MP you need to send it to. WOW …lets fill their emails .. always ask questions about what can be done .. then they need to reply .. use this link and make an highlight the issue.



POLICIES AND HR in Shropshire maintained Schools.

Your Divisional secretary meets regularly with HR to look at and revise Policies and procedures that affect you in maintained schools. Recently Pay policies were updated, and three options were created for Teachers pay , option 2 being the one that the union could agree with, as it gave the 1% across all, for Leadership it was also option 2 that we favoured. The Redundancy policy has also been reviewed and combined so that all staff are in the one policy instead of two.

The Attendance Policy, previously called the “Caring About sickness” which includes helpful guidance on RTW (returning to work after sickness) and other guidance for managers and members on this topic. Safer Recruitment is currently being reviewed.  All of these policies and procedures can be found on the Shropshire Learning Gateway.


When and if a school becomes an academy there is a period of consultation, in which unions are involved. Union concerns are focused on Pay and Conditions of service. At the point of academisation the existing policies and procedures are transferred under TUPE

School Reps

A conference in Manchester on 28th November looks interesting. The details have been circulated by email.


NQT and School Direct

Jean arranged a meeting for these members at the Third Place in Shrewsbury , which was attended by several NQT and Schools Direct members. A booklet of useful links and info for these members was circulated at the meeting and will later be circulated by email to these members.


Resilience presentation

 A joint meeting with NAHT, ATL and NASUWT was held at the Lord Hill .

Shropshire Council Health and safety team provided a well-received presentation on Resilience which had strategies for stress awareness, dealing with stress and responsibilities for managing stress.


Vote for National Officers

The opportunity to elect National officers Vice President and treasurer have been circulated. We hope that you have all read the info with the voting paper and returned your voting papers in the freepost envelopes.  From a general meeting we had nominated Linda Goodwin and Kiri Tunks for Vice president and John Pemberthy for Treasurer.


Celebrating change

We shall shortly be asking for further nominations to our Shropshire Officers and committee. As we are seeing quite a few changes it is appropriate for a social “get together” on January 22nd. Reserve the date.



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